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Saturday, 05 September 2015
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A&E presents,  Intervention: Intervention raises awareness about the alternatives and treatment options available to those who suffer from an alcohol or drug addiction, and gives hope to families who have nowhere left to turn. Each Intervention episode ends with a surprise intervention that is staged by the family and friends of the alcohol of drug addict, and which is conducted by one of four Intervention specialists: Jeff VanVonderen, Candy Finningan, Ken Seeley and Tara Fields.

This episode spotlights, Cristy, who was born into a tight-knit family and sought a career as a clothing designer before she became addicted to alcohol and crystal meth. Now she earns her money as a stripper, and her desperate family knows she needs an intervention.



Cristy - Part 1:


Cristy - Part 2:
Cristy - Part 3:
Cristy - Part 4:
Cristy - Part 5: