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A powerful CRM app for salesman, self employed, and in general anyone who need to manage clients. Client registry, Google maps, GPS navigation, activity logs, paper document archiving.

  • Customer registry - Adding a new customer is easy and straightforward, insert only the fields you need (even just the name). You can add custom fields if the default ones are not enough. You can also add customers while on the go, the GPS will set the location automatically.
  • You can also assign tags and zones, search by name, search by address or any other field you've specified.
  • Plan your visits - Find your customers on the map and get street directions to them.
  • Keep track of all the things you've done with your customers
  • Each customer has its own "activity log" in which you can write small notes, events, reminders, everything you may need to remember and record. You can also take picture of paper documents 
ClientiApp is a free/paid client management application for:

Melon CRM Client Management 

The app with checklist, notebook, pad, note, task, calculator helps you to work with clients.


  1. calendar of events
  2. your own price list of services
  3. contacts importing
  4. reminders
  5. group SMS and eMail clients
  6. identification of incoming calls
  7. birthdays of your clients
  8. iCloud sync between all devices
Melon CRM Client is a paid application for:

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