Compose Stunning Newsletters

Compose stunning newsletters with macOS using Direct Mail. Send up to 150 emails a month completely free, no sign-up required. Just download the app and you’re on your way. If you need to send more, sign up for a pricing plan that fits your needs.

Looks Great in Every Email Client
- Behind the scenes, Direct Mail goes to work performing special tricks (like CSS inlining, plain-text generation, and image optimization) to make your email look great in every popular email client.

Instant Preview
- Live previews update as you type, showing you exactly what each of your recipients will see (including custom content). Click a button and up pops a preview of your design on iPhone or iPad.

Imports Contacts in a Flash
- Direct Mail can swiftly import all of your contacts from apps including Contacts, Daylite, Google Sheets, Outlook, FileMaker Pro and more. Importing from CSV files or even MySQL databases is a snap!

Templates With Brains
- Whether it’s newsletters, announcements, or promotions, we’re confident that you’ll meet your perfect match. They’re all incredibly versatile, easy to customize, and look great on mobile!

Built-in Image Editing
- Don’t worry about having to find a designer or figure out an image editing app. Direct Mail makes it easy to perform a variety of common operations, like removing backgrounds, cropping photos, or adding filters. Your images will look their very best.

Direct Mail is a free/paid application available for:

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