TV Tracker Applications

1.   iShows TV  lets you find TV Shows in a simpler, easier way. Just tap on the upper right + icon to switch to Discover! You can browse through Trending series, Popular ones or see our own curated selection. If you want to narrow down your list, you can use the genre filters in both Trending and Popular TV Shows.

Using a account, all your devices will be synced with your episodes up-to-date information. You will also get recommendations based on your watched history and even know what TV shows your friends are following.

iShows TV is a free/paid application available for:

2.    TV Time is the tool you need to keep track of all the shows you love. TV Time helps you to:

  • Organise all the shows you’re watching in one place
  • Keep track of what episodes to watch next
  • Receive alerts when new episodes are available
  • Find new series to watch later with personalised recommendations
  • See what other fans are saying, spoiler-free
  • Find quizzes, polls, articles, and podcasts related to your recently watched episodes

TV Time is a free application available for:

3.  TV Show Tracker UWP - client. The best way to manage your TV shows on phone or tablet - seasons, details, casts and much more!  Main features :

  • FAST access to your tv shows 
  • CLEAN and efficient design 
  • DISCOVER popular and trending shows 
  • STATS about your tv shows consumption 
  • CALENDAR with NOTIFICATIONS of incoming episodes 
  • KEEP TRACK of your progress 
  • OFFLINE ACCESS to your data 
  • IMPORT your TVShow backup 
  • LIVE tiles for the app and shows 
  • FREE access to all main features with no restriction on show number 
  • BACKUP your data to your account

TV Show Tracker UWP is a free/paid application available for:


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