Now Streaming, Discovery Plus

Now Streaming, Discovery Plus

The majority of us have an interest in TV/Movie streaming services.  Yet, are all streaming services built the same? The answer is simple, no they are not. In one corner we have the major known brands and in the other corner the newer and cheaper brands; The major players in this business are, Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Apple TV & Showtime to just name a few. Then we have the smaller brands which are Discovery Plus, Hulu & etc. What differentiates the two leagues are price and the quality of programing. {alertSuccess}

After much debate /research I caved in and tried the smaller and newer streaming service called, Discovery Plus. It is a paid streaming service offering reality TV and educational series at a very affordable price. Discovery Plus is a relatively new streaming service. It's owned by Discovery Inc, the brand behind the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, the Science Channel and TLC. 

Discovery Plus can be viewed via a tablet, smart phone, laptop and PC.

The only downfall at the moment is Discovery Plus is being available in a few countries, but they do plan to expand globally in the coming years. If you are interested in a high-quality streaming service at a fantastic price then try Discovery Plus free for 7 days.


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