The Everything in-one app. File Viewer Plus

File Viewer Plus is a single application that opens more than 400 file formats. Instead of downloading, installing, and buying a new application each time you need to view a file, try File Viewer Plus.

File Viewer Plus 4 opens over 400 file formats. View dozens of common file types, such as Office documents, PDFs, and image files, all with one program. Play hundreds of audio and video file formats with the built-in media player. Decompress archives with the file decompression tool. View Microsoft Project and Visio documents. Open-source code files with syntax highlighting. Open email attachments and downloads.

Not only can you open hundreds of file formats with File Viewer Plus, you can also edit, save, and convert files. Edit a Word document and save it as a PDF. Crop a raw image from a digital camera and export it as a JPEG. Convert thousands of files at once with the built-in batch converter.

File View Plus 4 is a free & paid application which is only available for Windows 10. There are limitations with the free version (opens only 200 types of files). 


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