Organize Ideas with UpNote

Organize Ideas with UpNote


   UpNote offers flexible ways to organize your notes: nested notebooks, pinning notes to the top of the note list, adding notes to Quick Access and filtering notes using matched keywords. Stay focused and productive with a clean and clutter-free note space. 

UpNote provides a complete editor with multiple rich text options, Markdown support, creation of lists, insertion of images, links, attachments, quotes, code blocks, multiple fonts from the configuration, highlighting of text in various colors, and more.

Taking notes during an online conference or learning is convenient with Keep-Window-on-Top feature. Your notes will be kept above other windows while you are working.

 Apply UpNote’s elegant themes to your taste. Dark themes work excellently for those who prefer distraction-free mode.

Dark mode

UpNote is a free application available for macOS, iOS, Windows10 & Android:


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