Komoot a Key App. for Enjoying the Outdoors

 For millions of people, komoot is the key to the great outdoors. From intrepid explorers and experienced off-roaders, to those who just bought their first road bike, our technology allows everybody to better find, plan and live authentic outdoor experiences. {alertInfo}


Komoot contains everything you need to explore more of the great outdoors. From hand-picked guides of the world’s most epic experiences, to ready-built, localized routes that fit your needs wherever you are, komoot lets you find your perfect adventure; Whether it’s a mountain range away or in your own backyard.

Because hidden gems are hard to find, komoot collects and curates the latest Highlights—the komoot community’s most cherished outdoor spots and delivers these directly to you so you never miss another must-see. Based on your favorite activities and where you like to explore most, komoot doesn’t just help you to explore more of the great outdoors, it reveals nature’s best-kept secrets so you can go and discover them for yourself.

Komoot is useable on hundreds of devices, GPS Computers, Smartwatches and E-bikes. So you can track, navigate and experience your adventures your way.

Komoot is free to use but with limited service; Yet, they do offer-in app. purchases:


Is an introduction necessary? I am who I am and who I always shall be!

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