Canva - Stunning Design Application

 Create stunning designs with Canva's awesome suite of features. Whether you’re building a photo collage or a beautiful magazine spread, every aspect of your design is important. For the best results, every detail counts: make sure you keep an eye on our design’s margins, kerning, and even make sure your photos are straight. Canva makes it easy to rotate your photos so your surfaces and horizon lines are straight and squared up. {alertInfo}

Canva Suite

Every element of a Canva design has adjustable transparency. Simply select an element, then click the down arrow to reveal the transparency slider. Move faster and create designs together in real-time. From presentations to Instagram posts and more, you can create a team with Canva and collaborate on any device, anywhere in the world. Forget complicated registrations or approval processes. Simply invite your team, choose their access permissions, and start creating in seconds. Find, join, and create multiple teams for different projects all in one place. {alertInfo}

Canava is a Free/Paid Application available for:

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