Folder Tidy

Take any messy folder and have all the files sorted into tidy subfolders. It can be based on their file type (photos, presentations, PDFs, etc) using the 15+ built-in rules, or create powerful custom rules. {alertInfo}

Folder Tidy

  • Folder Tidy takes advantage of all available CPU cores so sorting is only limited by disk speed. With a modern SSD drive, it can sort 10,000 files in a matter of seconds. It is also a Universal Binary which means it runs natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel for the fastest speed possible.
  • If it turns out the tidy wasn't exactly the way you wanted it, no problem, just hit the Undo button and everything will be moved back to their original locations. It even works after quitting with a full list of old tidies with the ability to put back all the files anytime.

Folder Tidy is a Paid Application available for macOS:

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