Trail Sense

 Trail Sense is a free navigation application with many hidden features: {alertInfo}

Trail Sense

Navigation: The compass can be used to determine the direction to North, and when combined with the GPS it can be used to navigate to predefined locations. The predefined locations, known as beacons, can be created while at a location and at any point you can use the compass to navigate back to where the beacon was placed. You can also use Backtrack to record waypoints and retrace your steps.

Weather: The barometer can be used to determine if the weather will change soon and if a storm is likely to occur. The barometric pressure history (last 48 hours) is displayed as a graph and an interpretation of the current reading is shown. If the pressure suddenly drops, a storm alert notification is sent. Note, this feature is only available for phones which have a barometer.

Astronomy: View the sun/moon rise and set times and see the current phase of the moon at your exact location.

Trail Sense is a free application available for Android devices:

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