Add your existing calendar accounts directly to award winning, Fantastical, and keep all of your events and tasks in sync. Your Flexibits account syncs all your custom calendar sets, templates, notifications, weather settings, and more. {alertInfo}

  • Quickly access the files or photos you need at your next meeting or for your next task. Upload files or images directly from Fantastical to your iCloud, Google, or Exchange events. Attachments are accessible across all devices that sync with your calendar accounts.
  • No matter what device you're using, Fantastical will give you the view you want. See a quick overview of your calendar with the Fantastical Day Ticker and Calendar views, and browse comprehensive full screen views of your day, week, month, or year when you need more detail.

  • Fantastical is a shareware program, yet, there is a free version available with limited options; This program can be used on iOS, macOS & the Apple Watch:


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